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Mia has previously been seen in New Best Friend, and the Fox series She has also performed on stage with cousin Gwyneth Paltrow. Leisha was a member of the musical group The Murmurs – later renamed Gush. Hailey has been romantically linked to fellow musician K. She was heavily involved in the theatre scene and is a founder member of the Crowded Theatre Company and has acted in and directed productions for them. Dubbed the “Queen of Blaxploitation,” Pam Grier brought a formidable presence to her roles in the ‘s. Her most famous role of the 90’s was Jackie Brown, directed by Quentin Tarantino, which was a homage to her earlier 70s action roles.

‘The Real L Word’ takes on a life of its own

Vitellius 69 The Roman Empire “officially” begins by tradition in 27 BC when Octavian receives the title “Augustus” — which then becomes the name by which we know him. We might think that the Empire, Imperium, begins with Augustus becoming Emperor, Imperator, but that is not the case. Imperator simply means “commander,” and this had long been in use with a specific meaning. An imperator was someone with a military command and imperium, which meant both military and civil authority in the area of his command.

This made Julius Caesar essentially the dictator of Gaul , once he had conquered it. That was dangerous, indeed fatal, for the Republic; but in those terms Julius Caesar began the creation of the Roman Empire already as an “emperor.

Whitney Mixter is a 36 year old American Reality TV Contestant. Born Whitney Lucy Victoria Mixter on 8th August, in Connecticut, USA, she is famous for The Real L Word. Born Whitney Lucy Victoria Mixter on 8th August, in Connecticut, USA, she is famous for The Real L Word.

The first view of her fantastic boobs spilling out of her dress is a beautiful sight to behold. A little bend over twerk gets her ass spilling out of the dress as well. The Bailey Whore-a-scope – Bailey shows off her fantastic figure and assets both top and bottom in this extensive all nude posing clip. Most notable is her remarkable posture with an incredible arch of her back and her ability to get her ass thrust out into the open.

In the mid section Bailey straddles between the couch and coffee table offering some excellent underneath views. Her last pose is brilliant lying on her front with her legs wide open while the butt continually thrust up and slowly twerks in the air.

Celebrity Ad Campaigns That’ll Make Your Monday Just a Little Better

But her biggest travel love is Portugal with its nature, culture and people. Her trips never bring her negative emotions and even if some trouble happens it only becomes a funny story to tell when you are home. Being asked about her most romantic trip Mixter responded that it was a walking trip from France to Spain and she did it all alone:

Nov 16,  · Whitney’s probably dating this chick. I can recognize the nails from a post she made yesterday at some restaurant. Guest: Nov 16 , PM Post # Unregistered. Didnt sada try to They are people who were fans of the Real L Word who keep tabs on every persons social media.

What a great business formula. Or is it Sada now? When did she change that? After the first episode I was just thrilled to seem them on my TV screen. After the second episode I was ready to throw myself off the nearest elevated point. Maybe Whitney and Sada will tell us something we did not already know about their relationship. They used to tell beautiful stories by sticking seven strangers in a house.

Now… exaggerated, alcohol-fueled drama gets the views. After airing for 22 years I can see how the charm faded.

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Be all you can be! And who are you talking to? Chase Fine then how much do you weigh! I know several people with pcos and while most are overweight is not to this extent. I think a lot of that is pure cheese burgers, pizza and cupcakes. Toni Maybe, she did say that after the initial lbs she became deeply depressed.

About. Reality star who first made her mark on the Showtime reality series The Real L Word: Los Angeles from to She later went on to star on the VH1 series Couples Therapy in Born: Aug 08,

The youngster, who was never officially adopted by the late singer, also told fans only to follow Bobbi Kristina’s real account. Nick fuelled speculation about their relationship status earlier this week Is she yours? Nick put the word MY in capitals which suggest the pair are a couple He tweeted: Their lots of fake people pretending to be MY Krissi.

Fakes need to get un followed sic ‘ Bobbi has not been on the social networking website since December but she and Nick tweeted each other regularly in the months towards the end of last year. While they appeared to each other as sister and brother Nick’s latest tweets seem to suggest their relationship has become something more. Nick has lived at Whitney Houston’s home since he was years-old although he was never formally adopted Last night Bobbi was seen speaking about her mother’s death for the first time, an an interview with Oprah that aired in America.

The teenager said she was coping with the loss of her ‘best friend’ and said she could feel her mother’s spirit with her constantly. Houston, 48, was found in a Beverly Hills hotel room bathtub on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

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Amy Ryan December 28, AT If you really like a song or a movie or a TV show, no matter how cheesy the conventional wisdom says it is, you should feel free to say so without guilt, and to defend your appreciation vigorously. It was this sort of writing — passionate discussion of things individual writers cared deeply about — that marked the best of PopWatch for me in Same for Annie Barrett on The O.

Credit here properly belongs to those who inspired me.

Whitney Mixter’s Official Fan Page. 59K likes. VH1 Couples Therapy Showtime’s The Real L Word Seasons Kool Aid SF SaturDaze 2nd Saturday of the.

Hilton is the oldest of four children; she has one sister, Nicholai Olivia “Nicky” Hilton born , and two brothers: Her paternal great-grandfather was Conrad Hilton , who founded Hilton Hotels. Her maternal aunts are television personalities Kim and Kyle Richards. Her sister Nicky once described her as “very much a tomboy” who dreamed about becoming a veterinarian. Paul the Apostle School , finishing elementary school in In , Hilton and her family left California for the East Coast.

She was different from everybody else”. The series premiered on December 2, , shortly after the release of Hilton’s sex tape, [41] and was a ratings success; its first episode attracted 13 million viewers, increasing Fox’s adult 18—49 rating by 79 percent. A jewelry line designed by Hilton was sold on Amazon. Originally planned for a small release, high demand led to increased availability by December Its introduction was followed by a percent increase in Parlux sales, primarily of the Hilton-branded perfume.

The Simple Life was canceled by Fox after three seasons in following a dispute between Hilton and Richie. Neither Richie nor Hilton spoke publicly about their split, although it was speculated that they fell out after Richie showed one of Hilton’s homemade sex tapes to a group of their friends. Shooting for the new season began on February 27,

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After a wild night out with friends, Rose dutifully returns home to Natalie, her girlfriend of seven months. Monogamy still doesn’t come easy for this “reformed player” and the pressure her family dishes out to settle down doesn’t help. For Nikki and Jill, wedding bells are already in the air – but wedding planning with two brides can be stressful! The ladies enlist the help of a wedding planner to produce their elegant affair but just as Nikki’s nerves begin to subside, Jill’s anxiety skyrockets when she sees the price tag attached to their dream nuptials.

She’s on a tight schedule and doesn’t have time for ill-prepared models and lets their agency feel her wrath.

The Dinah fever continues its hold on the women of The Real L Word. While Cori and Kacy are overwhelmed with the weekend-long party, Whitney and Sara take the heat from the pool party into the bedroom? and bring another person with them.

Jun 17, By maxgt 0 The title says it all: Despite colorful language that needn’t be bleeped on pay TV, however, the show doesn’t just ape the original’s cast but is awash in reality-TV cliches. When the second hour opens with the participants being asked, “What kind of lesbian are you? Nikki and Jill, for example, are well-to-do yuppies planning their wedding, while Mikey is a high-powered, order-barking fashionista preparing for L. The pierced and tattooed Whitney, meanwhile, is a promiscuous sexual omnivore, while Rose is still something of a party gal, bringing conflict into her committed relationship.

And so it goes. While “The L Word” worked as a soap, the characters here could desperately use better writing than again, from Whitney observations like, “Lust is exciting. Granted, TV’s dearth of fleshed-out gay and lesbian characters — in drama or reality — is significant enough in the ad-supported space to ensure the show a niche audience.

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Comic situations arise when characters are faced with being required to do something bad to Dobby his manager at Walmart firing him as door greeter, Jason Bourne executing him, etc. Dobby aggressively uses his magical powers to protect the character after they can’t go through with it. Debuted Season 1, Episode 9. Dobby has appeared in three sketches. Jeremy Warner and Stacey Harkey have also appeared to play with them.

Whitney is where the Real L Word started and ended. Following the series’ finale in which Whit married Sara, the year-old ditched her dreads and moved to San Francisco to pursue a job as a realtor for Zopa Realty Group.

You might even feel incredibly drawn to him. Maybe you have daddy issues or are just overall depressed. But whatever it is, he is more than happy to volunteer to fix it. It seems sweet, so giving, and kind. Being the Savior in a relationship is way way more about him and his desire to feel good about himself, than it is about you. To fill a void. He needs it to feel good about himself. Being a savior requires a victim. Lots of women are quick to fall into this attitude as well.

The Real L Word Season 3: Episode 9 Clip – Wedding

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