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In this modern society we move at such a fast pace, throwing away old things without hesitation thus creating a whole bunch of trash. Most importantly, without us knowing, important history with sentimental value, stories and memories, cultures and traditions that once were so meaningful are gradually disappearing as time goes by. We want the younger generations to know who Mon people are and were, what an oxcart is, how grandma used to weave before the emergence the industrial revolution, how our great-grandpa spent days to extract milk from a coconut so that the family could enjoy making coconut dessert together. Then everything was tied together with countless antique items. To us, The Antique Riverside is more than just a place. It is our whole world. It allows us to do what we love every day. Collecting can ground you in the present while giving you a sense of the past. We are looking forward to collecting a lot of wonderful memories with you, our dear guests.

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Krabi is the most relaxing part to be in all of Thailand, it is a province that has the most stunning scenery imaginable, beautiful white beaches that stretch on for miles, a jungle and over islands just of the covers quite a large area so a lot of the attractions require a fair bit of traveling but when everywhere you look is beautiful it is no hardship at all.

There are healing powers in natural hot springs. Like a natural sauna, the heat and consequent perspiration you undergo when soaking in a hot spring has a deeply cleansing effect. The specific mineral content of each spring will offer benefits unique to that one place. This means hot springs have a balancing effect in terms of the cosmos. When qi runs in a balanced way along the meridians, it benefits all of our internal organs.

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Roi Et town is built around a large artificial lake, Bung Phlan Chai, where a large, walking Buddha stands on a small island in its Buddhas are popular in Roi Et as Wat Buraphaphiram features a metre walking Buddha, with a staircase that enables visitors to climb to knee-high level.

Natural caves and famous floating market Damnoen Saduak floating market Ratchaburi or Ratburi for short is a province in Central Thailand, just West of Bangkok. The Eastern part of the province is flat with the Mae Klong river running through it. A large number of khlongs canals off spring from this river. Ratchaburi is also an area with a rich history going back to the Dvaravati era with a number of historical sites that still remain today.

Here you can see the traditional Thai way of selling and buying fresh food and fruits on one of the many khlongs in the area. The canals are full of small wooden boats often paddled by old ladies wearing straw hats each offering their colorful tropical fruits, vegetables and snacks. To make the most out of the experience, you can make a boat trip on the canals. Caves Ratchaburi province is the home of a number of natural caves with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.


Most of these Farang oriented nightlife spots are conveniently located within walking distance in the center of town near Central Plaza shopping mall. Another great thing about the nightlife in Udon Thani is that the supply of girls by far always outnumbers the demand. Even in high season you will find a fairly relaxed atmosphere while most foreigners are heading to the bars of Bangkok , Pattaya and Phuket.

Just by walking around Central Plaza you will soon notice the difference as compared to like Central World in Bangkok. Below is the complete guide to nightlife in Udon Thani as well as the exact locations of the venues:

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List 01 January Top 10 things to do in Thailand Top 10 things no traveller should miss on a trip to this vibrant South-East Asian nation 1. The Grand Palace This beautiful gold-tipped series of buildings is over years old, and perhaps Bangkok ‘s most famous destination. Yes, it can feel like a tourist trap, but the complex’s history and grandeur is palpable: Another must see is Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, which is stunning from a distance and intriguing close up, with its mosaic detailing, as you climb to the top.

Make sure you follow our 7 etiquette tips for travelling in Thailand , to ensure you don’t offend local customs. At night, the Grand Palace is illuminated, and although you’ll likely still encounter the crowds, it’s a very romantic experience.

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In the small capital city of the province, of the same name, is a venerable Khmer era Wat, dating from the 10th or 11th century CE. In early the Wat was undergoing excavation and renovation, as part of this process, for visitors, a set of bells had been installed adjacent to the central prang of the Wat. These are new bells, the standard design used in contemporary Thai Buddhist Wats. They are attractively arranged. The bells are intended to be rung by visitors to the Wat, after the voluntary donation of a small quantity of money.

At this time there are no plaques or signs, in English, of any type.

Krabi (Thai: กระบี่, pronounced) is the main town in the province of Krabi (thesaban mueang) on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River where it empties in Phang Nga of the town had a population of 52, The town is the capital of Krabi Province and Krabi m is an important industry. Krabi is km south of Bangkok by roa.

Travelling to Kanchanaburi By car Route 1: The trip takes about 3 hours. Call 02 for more information. First class air-conditioned buses blue color leave Bangkoks Southern Bus Terminal daily every 25 minutes Call 02 , 0 or 02 or visit www. There are also buses leaving frequently daily for Kanchanaburi from Nakhon Pathom. The journey takes up to 1. The trip takes some 2. Only 3rd class seats are available. The journey takes approximately 3 hours. For more information, call Thon Buri Railway Station at tel.

There are also special steam trains operating between Kanchanaburi and Wang Pho. For more information, call the State Railway of Thailand at tel.

Thailand’s Famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

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Geography[ edit ] Phetchaburi is at the north end of the Malay Peninsula , with the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Tanaosi mountain range forming the boundary to Myanmar. Except for these border mountains most of the province is a flat plain. With an area of about 3, km2 Kaeng Krachan National Park is Thailand’s largest national park, covering nearly half of the province. The only significant river of the province is the Phetchaburi River. History[ edit ] Khao Wang Phetchaburi is an old royal city, dating back to the Mon of the 8th century.

Later Khmer settled in the city, as can be seen by the prangs of Wat Kamphaeng Laeng. Next to the palace the king built a tower for his astronomical observations. On the adjoining hill is the royal temple Wat Phra Kaeo.

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Very few locals have even been to every province, while most international tourists only make it to a handful, with Chang Mai , Bangkok and Phuket being the biggest draws. To help get your wanderlust juices flowing, here’s a list of all 77 and some of their top attractions. Keep in mind the capital city of each province goes by the same name.

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Equally fascinating is Phu Phra Baht Historical Park 67km from the city , with sandstone caves, caverns, prehistoric cave paintings and peculiar-shaped rocks dotting its beautiful landscape. Phu Foi Lom Eco Park 40km southwest of the city is ideal for hiking and overnight camping. Inside the city area, Nong Prajak Park is a pleasant recreational space for relaxing, jogging and picnicking. The lack of international chain hotels is made up for by the presence of reputable local chain like Centara and efficiently run mid-size hotels.

Udon Thani Restaurants Udon has plenty of restaurants, and the choice ranges from northeastern Thai fare to a diverse range of international cuisine. Many are open-air, garden-restaurant style, in shady pockets of trees.

The Best Things to Do in Ratchaburi Province

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Top 10 things to do in Thailand. Top 10 things no traveller should miss on a trip to this vibrant South-East Asian nation.

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Takraw Thailand League 2014 – Ratchaburi vs. Bangkok (Round 8 Highlights)

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