Healthy Eating During Holidays: 5 Ways to Stay on Track This Year

We may lose motivation completely or feel we just don’t care about our loved ones, our other relationships or our work. We may feel that we’ve lost ourselves in the vastness of caregiving and that nothing we can do will make a difference. If you feel like this most of the time, you may have reached burnout. Anticipate your own holiday hot buttons Are there holiday activities or toxic relatives that trigger stress or unhappy memories? Are you feeling grief or loss that overcomes you at certain times of day? Do unhelpful relatives regularly arrive for the holidays and criticize your caregiving? Are there topics it’s better to avoid when the family gathers?

Isolated Seniors Can Feel Loneliness During The Holidays

According to a “Peak Break-Up Times” chart created by David McCandless and Lee Byron, we are entering the year’s second highest break-up time, second only to spring break. The weeks before Christmas are a bad time for relationships. To those single ladies and gents out there, the market is about to get a lot meatier. The chart was first posted on David McCandless’ Information is Beautiful website, and has since been reposted on several other news sites.

McCandless and Byron searched for the frequency of “break up” and “broken up” in Facebook statuses , and also set up a program that logged the dates of changes in relationship status onto a calendar.

Nov 06,  · Single During the Holidays? As a breakup expert and dating coach, I know all too well that many single people — particularly newly single people — often dread the holiday season, envisioning themselves enduring the upcoming string of holiday celebrations without a + truly, there is no need to worry about feeling lonely during the holidays.

The sight of happy couples shopping and dining out together annoy you. Christmas music depresses you. Holiday gatherings intensify your aloneness. Cold weather isolates you. Cocktails cause you to pine for your ex-boyfriend-husband who maltreated you. Girlfriend, you need to learn to love yourself and your life! Consider those who are less fortunate than you. You have health, family and friends, a roof over your head, clean water to drink and tasty food to eat. We take the simple things in life for granted.

Be grateful and give to those who are less fortunate. Take the focus off of yourself.

American Girl Gushes About Getting Divorced And “Dating” Her Way Across Europe

A police officer in a small town in Israel stopped a motorist who was speeding down the main street. Salk had achieved fame as the physician who discovered the first polio vaccine while working at the University of Pittsburgh. Polio was a widely-feared disease that caused paralysis and oftentimes death. A polio outbreak in left 6, Americans dead and 27, paralyzed. President Franklin Roosevelt had contracted polio at age

Increasing those actions during the holidays can help deepen love so that it grows roots into the new year and beyond. Another way to keep up the energy of love is to focus on having a good time together.

Fortunately, the secret to making your relationship successful during the holidays is all in your approach. Holidays are fun, but stressful. Put the two together, and you just might have an explosive mix on your hands. Fortunately, if you take things easy, the situation is much less likely to blow up in your face. Your family might be in a hurry to see you married off, but pressure to bring a special someone to the family gathering is no reason to rush a new relationship.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open Photo Credit Thinkstock Good relationships are built on good communication, so the best way to navigate holiday dating is just to be open about it.

How to Introduce Your Senior Mate to Family During Holidays

Forget the logistics of divorce diplomacy and whose house you are visiting for the meal. That is its own challenge for another dating article. Have the conversation beforehand.

Dating During the Holidays tara December 7, Dating During the Holidays T+ Tips and Ideas No Comment Getting a date is one thing, but starting to date during the holidays can be a tricky thing to handle.

A number of ancient cultures paid tribute to mothers as goddesses, including the ancient Greeks, who celebrated Rhea, the mother of all gods. The ancient Romans also honored their mother goddess, Cybele, in a notoriously rowdy springtime celebration and the Celtic Pagans marked the coming of spring with a fertility celebration linking their goddess Brigid together with the first milk of the ewes.

During the 17th century, those living on the British isles initiated a religious celebration of motherhood, called Mothering Sunday, which was held on the forth Sunday during the Lenten season. This holiday featured the reunification of mothers and their children, separated when working class families had to send off their young children to be employed as house servants. On Mothering Sunday, the child servants were allowed to return home for the day to visit with their parents.

The holiday continued to be honored by Bostonian women for another decade, but eventually phased out after Howe stopped underwriting the cost of the celebrations. In , Anna left her job and dedicated herself to a full-time letter-writing campaign, imploring politicians, clergymen and civic leaders to institute a national day for mothers.

In fact, as the holiday took on a life of its own, Jarvis expressed frequent dismay over its growing commercialization.

11 Reasons It’s Way Better To Be Single During the Holidays

You just want someone to snuggle and drink hot cocoa with next to a fire! I am super pumped to have a boo thang this year because I am obsessed with his whole being. But I still remember how awesome it is to be single during the holidays. Being single is great just like being in a relationship is great anytime of the year! You don’t have to worry about doing anything with anyone because you’re a single gal and can do whatever you want.

You can get some quality time with mom and dad, and maybe your siblings won’t drive you completely up the wall.

Dating During the Holidays If you’re dating this holiday season, don’t forget that there are so many seasonal places and activities to enjoy and it’s a great time not only date, but to do some of the things you enjoy holiday spirit.

Is that the sound of jingle bells? Or another relationship shattering under the pressure of the holidays? In the potent end-of-year mix of expectation, joy and stress , many relationships will be tested…and found wanting. For newer couples, seemingly simple questions can become tests of commitment and compatibility. In the last week, I have both asked and been asked the following: Does your partner want to be included in the family gift giving this year?

Do you want to bring your new friend to Christmas dinner? The anecdotal evidence is strong that the end-of-year holidays are a dangerous time for less-solid relationships and marriages. Why do the holidays take such a toll on relationships? Expectations hyped up by advertising and the annual cultural blast of merriment can be deadly to real-world relationships.

According to one study, college students polled a week before and after February 14th were more likely to break up than those in other time periods. People are more tired and irritable, and self-medication is rampant. In the spotlight of family celebrations, areas of incompatibility may become more glaringly obvious as well.

Holiday Suicides: Fact or Myth?

Not to employ an overused cliche, but He is, after all, the Reason for the season. If you have never heard the Good News about Jesus, you can read here about how to become a child of God. Jesus loves you so much!

Dec 24,  · If you are dating a few people casually during the holidays, make sure you remember who you took to what event, when.

Cara Barker Like everyone else this holiday season, you are in search of more joy, connection and love. This desire lives in all our hearts. Regardless of our spiritual path, or lack thereof, we long to create better lives. Ernest Holmes put it this way: Because spring always comes again, even after the harshest winter storm, we have faith that what appears barren will blossom once more, given enough patience, nourishment and warmth. But while we know this to be so in physical nature, we have a harder time rallying faith in those dicey human relationships that have soured, particularly this time of year.

Perhaps this is what makes Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” such a favorite. If Ebenezer Scrooge can clean up his act, maybe this is possible for that wayward family member refusing to budge, improve his attitude or relinquish his perpetual hissy fit that leaves caca in the holiday family punch bowl. Writing the following was the furthest thing from my mind in last week’s submission, ” Holiday Grieving: The fact is that there is another form of holiday grief that no one dares voice, as indicated by the 49 private e-mails I received from brave readers who suffer this variety.

The time has come. What follows is a simple guide to restore joy, connection and love where needed most. What do you do when the person whose loss you grieve this year is amongst the living?

11 Reasons It’s Way Better To Be Single During the Holidays

Call on your family and friends. Talk with loved ones about your emotions. Be honest about how you’d like to do things this year — if you want to talk about those who have passed, then do so, and let others know it’s OK. Take a buddy to events for support and create an “escape plan” together in case you need to bow out quickly. Read books about getting through the holidays after loss, and seek out support groups, lectures or faith-community events.

Dating during the busy holidays can be challenging! On top of your already packed schedule, you squeeze in shopping, office parties, and tree trimming—and somehow, .

I thought I was going to spend the day alone almost literally licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself until a good friend invited me to join her, her roommate, and one of her co-workers for an impromptu Christmas dinner. I learned a lot of things I never expected to learn that evening, and one of the most important is that being alone is often a choice. And I would enjoy those alternatives. In fact, if you take the initiative to invite new people into your world on a day when they would otherwise feel alone and possibly dejected, you might be incredibly surprised by the warmth and intensity of the connection that could result.

Here are some ideas for getting through the holiday season in good cheer, and maybe even building some relationships romantic or otherwise along the way. You may find that one or more of your guests is a great home chef, so give them the opportunity to bring dishes or just encourage them to bring wine or desserts and fill your home with new friends and holiday cheer.

Speaking from personal experience, this can be a truly wonderful way to spend a holiday, and can be much more intimate and fulfilling than you might expect. Lend a Helping Hand… For some people, volunteering on Thanksgiving is a tradition unto itself, and the Bay area is full of opportunities for helping out.

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