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Old City Add to Trip! Built in , and for years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government, the Grand Palace continues to have visitors in awe with its beautiful architecture and intricate detail. Forget the over-crowded ferries. Forget the tourist hordes, the overpriced souvenirs, the whole money-making charade. For a real sense of how people in Bangkok used to live, in stilted shacks, old wooden townhouses and dilapidated lean-tos — and still do — try them Bangkok Thonburi Khlongs. Constructed during the first half of the 19th century in the ancient Khmer style, the stupa showcasing ornate floral pattern decked out in glazed porcelain is stunning up close. Apart from its beauty, Wat Arun symbolises the birth of the Rattanakosin Period and the founding of the new capital after Ayutthaya fell. A must do when in Bangkok is to venture down to Chinatown for food. At the old market, you will find some of the city’s best tasting and most reasonably priced fare. From the obscure birds nest soup to the ostentatious Peking duck to rare delicacies roasted chestnuts , there will be something to enlighten your taste buds and provide a feast for the eyes.

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A camera in the front of the vehicle scans the bands of paint on the ground representing the reference path. The signals obtained by the camera are sent to an onboard computer, which combines them with dynamic parameters of the vehicle speed, yaw rate, wheel angle. The calculator transmits commands to the guidance motor located on the steering column of the vehicle to control its path in line with that of the reference. Optical guidance is a means of approaching light rail performance with a fast and economical set-up.

It enables buses to have precision-docking capabilities as efficient as those of light rail and reduces dwell times, making it possible to drive the vehicle to a precise point on a platform according to an accurate and reliable trajectory. Level boarding is then possible, and there is no need to use a mobile ramp for people with mobility impairments.

Authors’ Note: [1] I-1 is often credited with shelling Kahului on 15 December, but this is incorrect. The real culprit was I of SubDiv

Nagano was host city for the Winter Olympics and is an entrance point to the Japan Alps area for skiing and hot springs in the winter. A number of good hot spring resorts are within easy reach of Nagano, including Yudanaka – home to Japan’s “snow monkeys” and Nozawa Onsen , which is also a famous ski resort as are the slopes at Hakuba. Nagano enjoys cooler weather in Japan’s hot summers, so is popular for hiking and walking in the summer. Dating from the 7th century, Zenkoji houses the Ikko-Sanzon Amida Nyorai, according to legend, the first Buddhist image to arrive in Japan from Korea in the 6th century.

A copy of the image is displayed to the public every six years in the Gokaicho Festival. The original is kept behind a curtain and cannot be viewed. The temple complex also includes some impressive wooden gates – Sanmon and Niomon. Zenkoji Temple, Nagano Matsumoto Castle, Nagano Prefecture Underneath Zenkoji’s main hall is a winding, pitch-black tunnel okaidan that represents the road to enlightenment. On the way through the darkness, you should discover a metal handle, which is the “key” to salvation.

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Not only is the sex business impressive in its size, it is also impressive in its variety. There are also S-and-M clubs, S-and-M museums, she-male revues, and street corner prostitutes dressed in bunny suits. The competition is stiff to give customers what they want and attract regular, repeat customers. Some “pink” establishments are open 24 hours.

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A Heavy Armored Operator, Echo’s unique gadget is a hovering drone known as Yokai, which can stick to flat surfaces on a ceiling and cloak, as well as emit ultrasonic bursts that can disorient the enemy. This heavily populated city center is home to several animation studios and technology companies. At 16 years old, Enatsu was already challenging the robotics field by creating autonomous flying robots capable of search-and-rescue missions in highly difficult conditions.

Two years later, he won the International Aerial Robotics Competition IARC and is known as having pushed the limits of what flying robots could accomplish. Enticed to test his devices on the field, he entered the National Police Academy. Efficiency-obsessed and blunt, Enatsu is a talented officer despite his apathetic nature. His tendency to dismiss feedback has kept him from advancing to a higher rank.

Yokai, on the other hand, does most of his work for him. It is used to remotely survey his hold and disrupt Attackers from above. Able to stick to ceilings and turn invisible, Yokai can also disorient Attackers with its ultrasonic blasts.

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Kabuki-za An 18th Century Kabuki Performance A trip to the theatre might not be the most obvious way to spend some of your time in Tokyo — but be assured that Japan has theatre unlike that found anywhere else. Kabuki is even more distinctive and unique, and, better still, no prior education is needed to appreciate it. In many ways it is the opposite to Noh — gaudy and dramatic rather than subtle and refined.

Actors wear elaborate colourful costumes and bright face masks, and express the nature and meanings of their characters using exaggerated poses and gestures. Kabuki actors are also masters of vocal expression, so much so that much of the meaning of a Kabuki play can be picked up without understanding any of the words themselves.

This recording captures TYA towards the end of the American leg of their campaign to – literally – deliver again their „Rock & Roll Music To The World“.

The Sun-flag Hi-no-Maru consists of a red circle on a white background. The metric system is the legal standard. The total area of Japan is , sq km , sq mi. Comparatively, the area occupied by Japan is slightly smaller than the state of California. It extends 3, km 1, mi ne—sw and 1, km 1, mi se—nw and has a total coastline of 29, km 18, mi. Each of the five districts consists of a main island of the same name and hundreds of surrounding islands.

Of the thousands of lesser islands, four are of significance: Two groups of islands returned to Japan by the United States in are located some 1, km mi due east of the Ryukyus: This island is divided into five regions: These islands and the Kuril Islands are occupied by Russia , whose claims are not formally recognized by Japan. Landforms are steep and rugged, indicating that, geologically, Japan is still a young area.

There are 25 mountains with peaks of over 3, m 9, ft. The highest is the beautiful Mt.

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An autumn harvest festival with two mikoshi portable shrines bedecked with zuiki taro stems. Nihonmatsu Lantern festival October Nihonmatsu Jinja, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima The annual grand festival of Nihonmatsu Jinja is the location of one of Japan’s three great lantern festivals. Sawara festival October Sawara, Chiba Huge 4m dolls representing figures from Japan’s historical past are paraded through the city.

Nagoya Festival combines ancient and modern parts from samurai demonstrations to J-Pop Nagoya Festival is the city’s biggest festival with a number of processions through downtown Nagoya.

The home of numerous hiking areas and ski resorts, and centered around Nagano, the Japan Alps are named after the famous European mountain range because they both feature rugged glacier-carved slopes and numerous peaks over 10, feet. With the exception of Mt. Fuji, which is further east, the highest mountains in Japan are located in the Japan Alps. Numerous streams running through the plateaus and between the mountains have carved out lovely gorges and ravines.

Thick-wooded forests occupy the lower slopes, and of alpine flora and rugged rocky walls occupy the higher slopes. Among the wildlife that can be seen in , acre Japan Alps National Park are bears, eagles and red-faced snow monkeys, who sometimes join bathers in the parks abundant hot springs when the weather is cold. The mountain were named by Englishman William Gouland in Kita-dake 10, feet is the highest mountain in the Alps, from its summit there are magnificent views of Mt.

Fuji Most of the Japan Alps are located within Nagano prefecture, which is home to about 2. Many peaks soar over 9, feet. Among them are Kitadake, Hijidake, Mt. Government National Park Site National Parks of Japan Matsumoto mountains on Matsumoto area Matsumoto 2 to 3 hours by train from Tokyo and Nagoya is major economic and transportation centers noted for its prosperous silk weaving and precision instrument industry.

The center of town with a nice selection of restaurants and shop is not far from the train station. Horsemeat sashimi is a speciality of the area.

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This resulted in the so-called lawsuit period. During this period, Ibanez produced guitars under the Mann name to avoid authorities in the United States and Canada. The company has produced its own guitar designs ever since. The late s and early s were an important period for the Ibanez brand. Most Ibanez guitars were made by the FujiGen guitar factory in Japan up until the mid- to late s, and from then on Ibanez guitars have also been made in other Asian countries such as Korea, China, and Indonesia.

Texas Central Railroad is using lawsuits and land option purchases to secure a route for its proposed high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston.

Guys wanna touch my chest! I’m rocking’, I smile and many think I’m vile! You can look but don’t you hump, whoo! I swear I’m not a whore! We cheer and we lead! We act like we’re on speed! Hate us ’cause we’re beautiful, well we don’t like you either We’re cheerleaders! This, despite the fact that the cheerleaders are almost universally presented as shallow, bitchy and led by the Alpha Bitch.

It might have something to do with the greater or lesser element of sexual titillation in many of the cheers. Beside being a lifesaver for people who hate sports but like girls, a little sexual excitement can boost the transient testosterone of the competitors, or at least remind the crypto-warriors of ‘what they’re fighting for’, as well as who they don’t want to be embarrassed in front of This is part of the same syndrome that leads to Hollywood Homely.

Most American television also banks on the idea their viewing audience may not have gone to college but did go to high school, where cheerleaders were prominent, attractive, and unattainable. It is worth noting that Reality Is Unrealistic in terms of the girls’ outfits.

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The massive AV idol Adult Video industry is said to produce more than 20, films per year. So, here you go guys, maybe even use it as a reference for next year! R18 is one of the biggest online adult content sites on the net. This AV porn mega monster site caters for streaming, rentals and an online DVD shop for the majority of adult videos released in Japan.

History Precursor to Guided Busways. The kerb-guided bus (KGB) guidance mechanism is a development of the early flangeways, pre-dating Gloucester and Cheltenham Tramroad of therefore has a claim to be the earliest guided busway. Earlier flangeways existed, but were not for passenger carrying.

Toyota iRoad at the Geneva motor show 06 Mar At the same time, Toyota has long had a fascination with personal transportation going back to the Walking iPooh from its Ideas Olympics, the PM concept and the i-Unit, an exoskeleton concept displayed in the Toyota pavilion at the Expo in Aichi, Japan. In the i-Road, Kanaka and his team have linked these seemingly implausible ideas.

The slower you go the more it steers, so the i-ROAD is more manoeuvrable at walking pace and more stable at speed. Narrow width and manoeuvrability are the main features. A 6ft 10in wheelbase and a steerable 10in diameter single rear wheel means it turns on a drain cover, and at 7ft 8in long, you can park up to four i-Roads in a standard parking space. A lithium-ion battery drives two specially designed 2Kw electric motors in the front wheels, giving a range of 31 miles and a top speed of 28mph, with Japanese versions amped up to do 37mph.

Recharge time is about three hours. It is built around an aluminium space frame with a plastic body and weighs just kg. It feels dainty as you climb in and close the vestigial door bar. There’s an accelerator and brake and a conventional, squared-off steering wheel, with push-buttons to select drive, reverse or park, next to a simple liquid crystal display giving information on the drive selected, vehicle speed and battery charge. Push Drive and the little trike surges gently forward against its brakes, eager to be off.

The test cars were used at the Geneva Show debut last March and had speed limiters, but you fair zoom across the car park when you stand on the throttle. Like scooters, there’s a torque reaction, which lifts the high-mounted body so the initial impression is of flying close to the ground rather than rolling. Turn the wheel and i-ROAD leans and swoops from side to side like a scooter.

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Most of the best hotels in Maenam share an enviable location right on the km strip of sand facing Koh Phangan on the north coast of Samui Island. Maenam is, after Chaweng, Lamai, and Bophut, the fourth most popular holiday destination in Samui.


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Welcome to Automotive Systems at Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi’s automotive products and its technologies are supporting to realize environment-friendly, safety assurance and more convenient automobiles.


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